Countries That One Can Travel To With a USA Visa


YES, there are countries that will allow you to travel VISA FREE if you have a USA visa. How? Why? Because screening of persons for travel is actually an expensive procedure and some countries have figured out that if the USA has already put their money into this and gave you a pass, they do not need to repeat the process.
However, international policies keep changing and so it’s important to check with the individual country regulations (included) on immigration before buying that ticket.
Some countries will offer free entry to all nationalities while others will grant that luxury to a select few. Others will offer these luxuries depending on the type of visas and also depending on the length of the validity of your visa. The Visas accepted are:

  1. Permanent Residency
  2. Work Visa (L1\L2\H1\H4)
  3. Tourist or Business Visa (B1\B2)

So if you want to scrap out some value from that pricey USA Visa, Here is a list of countries that will allow you to visit VISA FREE with a USA Visa.

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