Countries That One Can Travel To With a USA Visa

YES, there are countries that will allow you to travel VISA FREE if you have a USA visa. How? Why? Because screening of persons for travel is actually an expensive procedure and some countries have figured out that if the USA has already put their money into this and gave you a pass, they do not need to repeat the process.
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Visa requirements for a Kenyan to all the countries of the world - Including Currencies

  1. The Americas



Visa Requirement



1 Argentina Yes   Peso
2 Uruguay Yes   Peso
3 Paraguay Yes   Guarani
4 Chile Yes   Peso
5 Peru Yes   Nuevo sol
6 Ecuador Yes   USD
7 Bolivia On Arrival   Boliviano
8 Colombia Yes   Peso
9 Venezuela Yes   Bolivar
10 Guyana Yes / On Arrival   Guyanese Dollar


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