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You can imagine just how much more it does for me. Here are some ways we can make this journey together. Also, it's a bit pricey, sometimes difficult due to visa restrictions, language barriers and security concerns but I am sure we will all learn a lot by making this journey together! Any help towards making this a little easier for me would be highly appreciated.

  1. If you can help me offset my carbon footprint by planting trees on my behalf or inviting me to plant trees in your country, please Get in touch. . Yes, I'm that girl! Sustainability & Wakanda Forever!!
  2. If you are a person or know anyone in any country who'd be happy to offer accommodation for about 1-5 days, Get in touch.
  3. Here is my PayBill number to send in your contribution towards making this a success - 505188 - Adventure 197
  4. If you wish to send in your support via Visa, MasterCard or any other card, here's how (Link)! I use Paypal, It's safe and secure and my web guys have been working hard to ensure this platform is very safe.
  5. Brands - Get in touch.
  6. Sharing information that makes it easier to wade through or just wanting to share a drink while I am in your country - Get in touch.
  7. You have or you know an individual or community that has or is working on a wonderful solution to adapt or mitigate climate change in your country? Get in touch.

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