My mission is to instill a sense of confidence and wonder in all people so that we can strive towards a faster pace for sustainable innovations and development especially in Africa. As an adventurer, a producer of short environmental documentaries and a critical thinker, I am aware that one cannot develop people - you can only create platforms that spur development.

The stories we hear and tell shape our views, beliefs and even the limits within which we dream our achievements can be. Africans and many people of color have mostly known the world from the eyes of the west. It is good, but it enables the danger of the single story. In that regard, I want to develop a blueprint of what the world looks like from an African's eye. By sustainably doing so, I aim to encourage all people and especially people of colour to be confident in building themselves up and inspiring self-belief that will inspire innovation.

The advancement of Africa and business in Africa lies in validation and mainstreaming Africa's ways to create confidence in its own.

The Attempt to Offset the Carbon Footprint

The journey to 197 countries will require quite a bit of flying and other indulgences that put out carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. While creating this record, I will closely monitor my activities and calculate a close estimate of the carbon dioxide released. I will then plant trees in an attempt to offset the enlarged carbon footprint. My aim will not be for carbon neutrality but to increase carbon sinks. Annually, we are still losing 0.8% of forested land that currently acts as carbon sinks, as home to biodiversity and as important soil and water conservers. We need to be able to connect our actions towards the degradation of these catchment zones to erosion and siltation of rivers, irregular and extreme weather patterns and rising food insecurity, which are all threats to development. For this reason I am hoping to plant 130 trees for each of the 197 countries that I will visit.

It is my hope that as many people as possible know of my journey as I will work hard to visually document it and eventually, help me to offset. You can do this by planting trees and emailing me with evidence of such undertakings and sharing progress of their growth. My hope is to include 197 primary schools and having them plant 30 fruit trees in each of their school which will help create better micro climates around their schools and also, FRUITS! Other individuals, organizations and Companies can also get involved, monitor their carbon footprint and come up with cleaner production systems and offsetting drives.
Excited to have you join in on my journey. Email info@wambuigichobi.com to join in the Adventure 197 Sustainability Drive

WHY 197?

There are 193 recognized members of the United Nations.
There are 2 more countries that have the status of permanent observers in the UN - Vatican city and Palestine.
There are 2 more countries recognized as such by some members of the UN - Kosovo by 111 states and Taiwan by 22 countries.
Europe includes 44 member states.
7 countries are shared between Europe and Asia
Asia Includes 43 member states.
Africa includes 54 member states.
North America includes 23 member states.
South America includes 12 independent states
Australia and Oceania includes 14 independent countries


You are obviously confused.

Why do some counts end up with a count of 204?

Those are countries including autonomous regions and dependent states that are recognized by the World Olympics
The dynamics of who is accepted to sit in the UN Club to make up 193 sovereign states or 197 is more than I can chew.
But if you are in quest for answers, go here and get more confused. You're welcome.

Let the adventure begin: Country number 50

50: Malawi

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