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I am Wambui Gichobi, an environmentalist and a producer of short films on climate change, environment and social justice issues, a trained photographer and writer with Survival Media Agency for the past 6 years. My work has involved creating compelling stories for sustainable futures. From conferences to projects, from photo essays to short films, I have helped to document every step that organizations and individuals take to create take to create platforms to spur development within communities. My work has exposed me to 11 countries thus far working with a myriad of communities. There has been one constant in many communities especially the youth in Africa; Low levels of self belief due to what I believe is a mixture of low confidence and also low representation of their own as successful.
Some of my previous work can be viewed here. I especially enjoyed working to produce WEDO's UNFCCC short documentary and GGF's work in Uganda to help communities get sustainable innovations towards water, sanitation and hygiene.

I have also worked with 350.org and Amnesty International to produce short films highlighting difficulties environmental defenders face. Some of my work has been used by The Guardian, Huffington Post and Women News Network.
My aim is to create representation that people who look like me can identify with and inspire confidence in as many young people as I possibly can. A philosopher once asked; If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? The issue raised here is of observation and perception. That if I can make this journey as visual as possible, with as many people being able to see and walk with me, maybe then we can change most of our previously held perceptions and grow together.

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